Applications for the 2023 Tekne Awards Are Open!

We are excited to announce the return of Minnesota’s Tekne Awards – in person on November 16!

This annual gala honors and celebrates businesses, organizations, and leaders who are helping fuel Minnesota’s technology-enabled ecosystem. This year’s awards are organized into three categories: Business Impact, Community Impact, and Individual Achievement.  Below are descriptions of the categories as well as each award.

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Nominations close on August 17, 2023

Business Impact Awards

Awards in this group recognize organizations leveraging technology to enable innovation and achieve business goals for their organizations and customers they serve.

This award celebrates companies that have made notable advancements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), whether through research, application, or implementation. This award category seeks to acknowledge companies and teams who have leveraged AI to create revolutionary solutions, solve complex problems, and push the boundaries of what is possible.

This award category recognizes outstanding achievements and advancements in safeguarding data integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. This category celebrates organizations or initiatives that have demonstrated excellence in developing and implementing robust measures to protect sensitive information, mitigate risks, and preserve individual privacy rights. We seek to acknowledge significant contributions which were accomplished through innovative strategies, technologies, or frameworks that have dramatically enhanced data security and privacy practices.

This award category celebrates advancements in the field of data analytics. It recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding innovation, expertise, and impact in leveraging data to gain valuable insights and drive meaningful outcomes. We seek to honor organizations and teams who have made remarkable contributions to the field, revolutionizing the way data is collected, processed, analyzed, and interpreted.

This award category acknowledges outstanding achievements in enhancing the overall experience for customers or users. This recognizes organizations who have successfully transformed their products, services, or platforms to provide exceptional and memorable interactions that exceed customer expectations.

This award recognizes a company which has made a profound impact by introducing innovations that have caused a significant disruption within a market. This award celebrates visionary leadership and groundbreaking achievements that have not only pushed the boundaries of what was previously thought possible but have also caused a paradigm shift in their respective industries or service areas. These companies have created groundbreaking solutions, products, or services that have challenged traditional approaches and compelled other organizations to change their course.

This award recognizes an exceptional partnership between a vendor or service provider and their client that has produced remarkable results for the client’s business. This award celebrates the power of collaboration and highlights the synergistic efforts of both parties in leveraging technology to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Nominees in this category have demonstrated an exemplary level of collaboration, cooperation, and mutual trust, working together to address the challenges faced by the client. Through their combined expertise, innovation, and commitment, they have successfully implemented solutions that have had a transformative impact on the client’s business operations, efficiency, and overall success.

Community Impact Awards

These awards recognize significant accomplishments by organizations that benefit society, our community, and represent corporate behavior that benefits the future of the State of Minnesota.

Highlights organizations that have made a significant positive impact on society through their technology initiatives, addressing social or environmental challenges, promoting inclusivity, supporting STEM education, or improving lives. This award category shines a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of organizations that have gone above and beyond in leveraging technology for the betterment of society. Whether through innovative solutions, impactful collaborations, or far-reaching programs, the Tech for Good award celebrates organizations who have dedicated their resources and expertise to address critical challenges and create lasting positive change.

This award recognizes companies that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainable practices. This accolade celebrates organizations that have gone above and beyond to incorporate environmental stewardship into their core business strategies and operations. Nominees in this category have embraced sustainability as a fundamental value, implementing practices that reduce their environmental impact and promote long-term ecological well-being. They have displayed a deep sense of responsibility towards the planet, employing energy-efficient solutions, adopting eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and implementing responsible supply chain management practices.

This award recognizes innovative approaches or operating excellence in the hiring, development, and retention of tech talent at an organization. Examples include novel approaches to talent recruitment, on-boarding, skills training, professional development, and impactful initiatives related to increased diversity, equity, and inclusion. This award category highlights the importance of investing in tech talent development as a strategic imperative for organizational success. It celebrates those who have embraced forward-thinking approaches and initiatives, serving as role models for the industry and setting new standards in talent management and development.

This award category shines a spotlight on organizations that are at the forefront of developing Minnesota’s tech workforce of the future. This distinguished award recognizes the impactful programming and initiatives undertaken by solution providers, agencies, and non-profit organizations, aimed at inspiring youth to consider careers in technology and equipping students with the skills and experiences needed for success in this field. This award celebrates the organizations that are driving positive change by investing in the future of Minnesota’s tech workforce and ultimately contributing to the economic and technological advancement of our state as well as the financial future of our talented workforce.

Individual Achievement Awards

These awards recognize the significant contributions of individuals to the advancement of the technology industry and the continued vitality of Minnesota’s tech community.

Honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in guiding and shaping technological advancements, the growth of their teams, and the community. This award recognizes their ability to drive innovation, inspire teams, and make significant contributions to the industry or to supporting the growth and career success of other technologists as a mentor, influencer, or role model. Whether through mentorship, advocacy, or thought leadership, they have influenced and empowered the next generation of technologists.

Recognizes individuals who have achieved exceptional technical expertise in a specific area of technology. It acknowledges the skills, knowledge, and contributions that have advanced their field such as a new patent, a new product, applying technology in an innovative way, etc. This award category celebrates the individuals who have made significant contributions to their field, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. Their exceptional technical expertise, coupled with their creativity and drive, have positioned them as true trailblazers and pioneers within their industry.

This prestigious award celebrates individuals who have dedicated their careers to the technology field and have made sustained, significant contributions over an extended period. It honors their long-term impact and legacy in the industry. This award category serves as a tribute to those who have left an indelible mark on the technology field through their lifelong contributions. It acknowledges their achievements, recognizes their outstanding career journey, and honors their extraordinary impact on the industry and its future.

This award recognizes promising individuals who are early in their tech careers (less than 10 years of experience) but have already demonstrated exceptional potential and achievement in the technology field. It highlights their talent, creativity, significant accomplishments, and expected potential for future contributions. This award category celebrates the exceptional talents who are poised to shape the future of the technology industry. It recognizes their early achievements, applauds their ambition and creativity, and encourages their continued growth and success in the field.

Celebrates teachers who have helped advance the field of STEM education in Minnesota in such a way that will have a broad and deep impact, not only on their students but through their example they have also impacted their school, district, and beyond. This award category celebrates the remarkable achievements of tech educators who have dedicated their careers to shaping the minds of future technologists. It recognizes their unwavering commitment, innovative teaching methods, and profound impact on the field of STEM education.

This award recognizes elected officials, philanthropists, or those working in public agencies for their contributions towards building a stronger future for Minnesota. The recipient will have demonstrated a tremendous commitment of time and energy to support our technology ecosystem and bolster the potential economic contributions of tech-enabled businesses in the state. The Public Service Award acknowledges their influential role and expresses our technology communities’ gratitude for their commitment to fostering a thriving technology ecosystem in Minnesota.

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