Josh Roiger

By: Molly Doyle – VP of Community & Member Engagement

The Judge Group was a member of MnTech for many years but had lapsed for 10 years until renewing their membership this year. Not only did the renew membership but they also invested as a generous sponsor for WLiT, Tech on Tap, and Tekne. I met with their leadership team to find out what brought them back with such enthusiasm and what value they have gained.

The Judge Group is an international leader in business technology consulting, learning and development, managed services, and talent solutions, but their presence in Minnesota was not as large or well established as they wanted it to be. In early 2023, the Minnesota leadership team of The Judge Group recognized the need to invest in building local relationships and visibility for their global brand and determined that engagement with MnTech would be a key component in their strategy. 

Laura Coon

With a broad offering in staffing & executive search, IT consultancy, and learning solutions spanning across a range of industries including financial services, healthcare, and life sciences, among many others – there was strong audience alignment between their target clients and our association membership. 

Given the challenging economic conditions across nearly all industries, sales cycles have been longer and less predictable for consulting and staffing companies over the last several years. “We wanted to better understand the challenges that our customers are facing given all the changes – and be better informed so that we can respond effectively and address the key pain points,” said Josh Roiger, Director at The Judge Group.

Yasmeen Khawaja

The Judge Group also stated that they are glad to have a range of in-person opportunities to be more connected to job seekers. Layoffs and downsizing has occurred at many local companies, leaving exceptionally talented job seekers as well as new college graduates out in the market looking for what is next. “The variety of events and great variety of people and with varying levels of experience that attend MnTech events has been a great resource to us,” said Laura Coon, VP of Recruiting. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet people looking for their next opportunity and help them with a connection – that’s been very satisfying and frankly beneficial to everyone – including The Judge Group – a lot of “triple wins” have happened from connecting at these MnTech events,” said Laura. 

The Judge Group plans to be even more strategically engaged with MnTech next year. “We have found our time and resources well spent and want to be even more visible and helpful within the MnTech community next year,” said Yasmeen Khawaja, Account Executive.