Building Community to Fuel Our Tech Ecosystem

The technology ecosystem in Minnesota is fueled through active community engagement. As a member-based organization, we strive to create, share, and facilitate opportunities for business and technology professionals, industry influencers, and related organizations to engage in meaningful ways.  Our engagement efforts prioritize networking and building meaningful relationships, collaborating across positions, companies, and verticals, learning about technology and topics relevant to our ecosystem, and having fun while experiencing new things together.

MnTech’s philosophy for building community centers the power of working collectively to serve our ecosystem. In addition to driving our own convenings and initiatives, we collaborate, support, and work in tandem with many of the Minnesota organizations that keep our tech community pumping.

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Find ways to leverage your passion, skillsets, and interests to be an active apart of the Minnesota technology ecosystem.

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Peer Forums

Network and engage in candid peer-to-peer discussions around today's technology issues, trends and challenges.

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Communities of Interest (COIs)

COI's are designed to help keep our members connected with Minnesota's technology ecosystem.

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