Where early stage technology professionals meet to learn and continue mapping out their careers in technology, together

Navigating an emerging career in technology is more effective and fun when you have a community of peers helping you map out your routes and direction. This community hosts gatherings for early stage professionals working in the technology sector. Specifically, it brings together those who are 0-5 years into their careers and individuals who have recently made an industry pivot into technology for the first time.

Tech Careers 1.0 members gather together to:

  • Decode how to successfully maneuver within our Minnesota tech ecosystem.
  • Discuss career development strategies.
  • Connect with peers within the technology community that are experiencing similar wins and challenges, and exploring similar questions about how to effectively build a career in technology.
  • Gain access to learn from well-seasoned technology professionals and mentors.

Upcoming engagement opportunities:

  • Laurel Chu, Sr. Manager, Customer Intelligence, SPS Commerce
  • Sarita Garg, IT Consultant, AmFam
  • Cherie Lemer, Digital Experience and Technology Program Manager, University of Minnesota
  • Kirk Walton, Account Executive, Solution Design Group
  • Ayan Mohamed, IT Data Analyst, 3M
  • Alex Cook, Principal, Inspire11
  • Jerry Sosinke, Quality Consultant, RQM+

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