How to Get and Stay Engaged with Minnesota's Technology Community

We curate engagement opportunities that center the needs and interests of our members and the broader technology ecosystem. The health of our community is reflective of how we consistently engage: we ask that you keep showing up and participating. Keep asking questions and building new meaningful relationships. Keep finding ways to leverage your passion, skillsets, and interests to be an active apart of the Minnesota technology ecosystem.

Below are just a few ways you can get engaged. Explore now!

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Communities of Interest (COIs)

COIs are at the core of how we build community as an organization. Communities meet regularly around specific topics, shared experiences, and goals and they give members a platform to collaborate in a non-competitive environment. Community members share their experiences and showcase their successes, illuminate the needs of the technology community, and drive research for our ecosystem.

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Peer forums

For the last 10 years we’ve hosted “CIO Forums” as a way to drive an environment of collaboration that’s “for CIOs, by CIOs.” We’re now extending this effective platform to other job roles and functional positions. Forums provide excellent networking opportunities as well as peer-to-peer candid discussions around technology issues, trends and challenges that technology leaders and contributors face every day. Checkout Peer Forums to learn more about how leverage this platform.

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Town Halls

Interested in sharing MnTech’s engagement opportunities with your organization? Invite us to do a MnTech town hall! We’d love to come and talk about all the opportunities your team has to engage with the broader technology ecosystem.

Join Your Company’s MnTech Champion Team

Join the group leaders at your respective company that serve as ambassadors for leveraging the MnTech membership within your organization. Joining the champion team at your company gives you the opportunity to help your company get more involved in the broader MN technology ecosystem. It also gives you the chance to interface with different teams and network with colleagues and leaders within your organization, as you work together to ensure your colleagues are showing up and staying engaged. Connect with us to learn more about joining your company’s MnTech member champion team!

Attend Member Events

MnTech’s member event series such as our Lunch and Learns or Tech AM events provide an opportunity for members to share subject matter expertise and best practices on a variety of topics in the science, technology and innovation space. The emphasis is on networking and learning.

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Host Member Events

This is a free benefit of MnTech membership, and costs involved are limited to providing food and anything else connected with hosting an event, should you choose to hold the program at your location. MnTech will provide marketing and registration support.

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TECHtuesday is your weekly update on all things tech in the state of Minnesota. From news on the latest startup innovation, to upcoming events around the Twin Cities, we’ve got you covered.


Additional Opportunities

Are your organizational goals in alignment with MnTech’s mission? Are there additional ways we should be convening our technology ecosystem? Do you want to learn more about current opportunities? Connect with us about partnering on additional community building opportunities to serve Minnesota! Contact Ismail Ali, Talent Program Manager