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Communities are designed to help keep our members connected to the technology network, and informed about various topics impacting our ecosystem. As a member of a community, you are signing up to participate and engage in ways that make sense for you and your interests.  Each COI has a different focus and intent, some take on casual yet informative tones, and others are designed as working groups and coalitions.

What does it mean to join a COI? The nature of the COI you join will drive the level of engagement expected from members. Each community is designed as Labs, Gatherings, or Hybrids (a combination of Labs & Gatherings).

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In Labs, participants will engage in benchmarking, ideating, piloting, and more. Each lab will work collectively to contribute new ideas and initiatives to our broader technology ecosystem.


Gatherings are designed to foster learning and connection in an informal environment. Members are connecting with others based on shared passion and interest in a particular topic.


Hybrid communities have a mixed format where some programming  leads to tangible deliverables and moments for collaborating (like Labs), but also foster a more casual environment for simply learning and connecting. Hybrids ebb and flow in between labs and gatherings.

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing (AIM)

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Advanced Technologies

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Tech Careers 1.0

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Women Leading in Technology (WLiT)

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