MnAiC is a flagship program of the Minnesota Technology Foundation

The Minnesota Aspirations in Computing Program (MnAiC) empowers high school students who identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary by providing various opportunities. These include prestigious awards, paid internships, mentorship pairings, job shadow experiences, scholarships, and hands-on learning experiences aimed at cultivating technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills. The program focuses on amplifying voices, building identity, rewarding persistence, and recognizing fortitude as participants enhance their proficiency in technology and computing. Specifically designed for students in 9th-12th grade, the Award for Aspirations in Computing is a key component. This award acknowledges and celebrates students based on their demonstrated aptitude and aspirations.

Celebrate the MnAiC Winners

For the past 12 years, MnAiC has been a leading force for hundreds of students, steering them towards educational and professional paths in technology. This spring, we proudly recognize and celebrate the achievements of 40 top-tier Aspirations in Computing Award recipients at our prestigious ceremony. These students stand out for their exceptional technical prowess, leadership skills, and dedication to leveraging technology for positive social impact.

Join MnTech and the Aspirations in Computing Scholars for the 2024 Award Ceremony on April 18, 2024.

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Since 2012, over 900 students have been recognized for their technology achievements and interests:


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Get Involved With Aspirations in Computing

We’re actively seeking partners for the current year, and there are several ways for you to engage. You can contribute as a sponsor, collaborate as an internship partner, offer job shadows, serve as a mentor, host learning experiences, or encourage students to apply for the upcoming cycle. Your active involvement is central to shaping the future of aspiring technologists. Join us in positively impacting and cultivating a more inclusive and diverse tech community.

Sponsor MN Aspirations in Computing

You can make a lasting impact on a Minnesota-grown technologist by sponsoring MN Aspirations in Computing. There are multiple levels of sponsorship available, and each has a tremendous impact on high school students who identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary. View our Aspirations in Computing sponsorship page to learn more and purchase.

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Provide an Internship Experience to a MN Aspirations in Computing Student

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Would you like to find a mentor or serve as a mentor?

Visit the Mentor Mash application page to provide us some brief information to get started with being matched to a mentor or mentee.

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Minnesota Aspirations in Computing can connect students with job shadow opportunities

Visit our job shadow page to fill our a brief form to either participate in a job shadow experience or offer one at your own organization.

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Apply for the MN Aspirations in Computing Awards

Who Should Apply?

Students enrolled in Minnesota schools in grades 9-12 who identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary.

Why Apply?

This award celebrates and recognizes your leadership ability and academic history, along with your computing-related interests, aspirations and achievements. Aside from access to internships, job shadow experiences, and mentor matches, as well as connections to employers and prizes, winning this award can be a life-transforming experience.

Additional Prizes

Award Recipients are eligible for additional prizes, including local and state media attention, cash rewards, and attendance at a Rising Star, Certificate of Distinction, or Top-Tier Honoree Ceremony.

In Doubt About Applying?

If in doubt about your readiness to be recognized, simply apply. You may be surprised with the outcome!

Keep in mind, all applicants are eligible and by applying you will be invited to participate in a variety of technology activities offered in the months ahead.

Important Dates

September 1st: Aspirations in Computing High School Applications Open.
November 6th: Aspirations in Computing High School Applications Close.

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