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2020 Minnesota Legislative Session Updates

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2020 Minnesota Legislative Session Details

State government in Minnesota had a new look in 2019 following elections in 2018. The 2019 Legislative Session featured one of the only divided legislatures in the country as Democrats took control of the House and Republicans maintained a majority in the Senate. Tim Walz was sworn in as the 41st Governor of Minnesota following Mark Dayton’s 8 years of service. Despite the potential for a divisive session, 2019 saw a budget bill passed and signed by Governor Walz with a number of wins for Minnesota’s technology community (see below).

The 2020 Minnesota Legislature will likely not see much action. The state has a balanced budget, and with elections on the horizon in November there will likely be no supplemental spending bill or other major legislation. The major focus for many legislators will be to negotiate elements of the bonding bill.

This session, the Minnesota Technology Association is supporting a few bonding initiatives and will continue our work by speaking for the technology community and educating legislators. We will advocate for public policy that strengthens Minnesota’s technology-based economy and positions Minnesota as a global leader through the development and use of advanced technologies.

MnTech’s Public Policy committee passed its 2020 Legislative Agenda with those tenets in mind, and believes that strong, consistent, focused leadership from the private sector, working in collaboration with academic, nonprofit and government partners, is the critical link in driving our state’s development and recognition as a global technology leader.

As the 2020 session develops, we want to keep you up to date on the work of MnTech staff and partners at the Capitol, and flag important items as they come up. MnTech will advocate for policies that strengthen Minnesota’s science and technology workforce, as well as those that leverage technology to increase government efficiency and improve and sustain Minnesota’s infrastructure.

MnTech will sponsor, support and/or respond to legislation that furthers these principles. Additionally, MnTech will respond to issues and potential legislation that affect member companies and technology businesses in Minnesota as they arise.

Looking for last year’s results? Download the 2019 Legislative Session Report