Keeping Tech on the Legislative Table

From federal to state and local levels of government, MnTech provides a strong, unified voice for Minnesota’s high tech community. We work with our elected officials and governmental partners to make sure they make informed decisions on technology issues, and bring their attention to issues in our community that need to be addressed.

Each year MnTech develops a legislative agenda to advocate policies that recognize the changing face of Minnesota’s workforce and the global realities of commerce in the 21st century. MnTechs’s Government Affairs committee works to develop and communicate the legislative agenda with members, and advocate for the agenda at the Capitol. The committee is open to all MnTech members, and meets every other week during Minnesota legislative sessions. If you are interested in participating, contact Ray Hoover, MnTech’s Membership Director.

2021 Legislative Priorities

  • Advancing Science and Technology Research & Company Formation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Broadband and Telecommunications
  • Intellectual Property
  • Stem Higher Education

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