Keeping Tech on the Legislative Table

From federal to state and local levels of government, MnTech provides a strong, unified voice for Minnesota’s high tech community. We work with our elected officials and governmental partners to make sure they make informed decisions on technology issues, and bring their attention to issues in our community that need to be addressed.

Each year MnTech develops a legislative agenda to advocate policies that recognize the changing face of Minnesota’s tech workforce and the global realities of commerce in the 21st century. In advancing our public policy agenda, MnTech is guided by the following principles:

    • We develop, support, and advocate for public policy that promotes the long-term growth, sustain­ability, and global competitiveness of Minnesota’s technology-based economy.
    • We believe strong, consistent, focused leadership from the private sector, working in collaboration with academic, nonprofit and government partners, is the critical link in driving our state’s devel­opment and recognition as a global technology leader.
    • We advocate for policies that strengthen Minnesota’s science and technology workforce, as well as those that leverage technology to increase government efficiency and improve and sustain Minnesota’s infrastructure.
    • We support policies and practices that build a diverse and robust tech talent pipeline, working in collaboration with tech industry leaders, education and training partners, government agencies and community-based organizations to attract and retain talent in the tech industry.

MnTech will sponsor, support and/or respond to legislation that furthers these principles and encourage engagement around the development of tech related legislation. Additionally, we will respond to issues and potential legislation that affect member companies and technology businesses in Minnesota as they arise.

2023 Legislative Priorities

The 2023 legislative session provides a unique opportunity for the unified government to make meaningful investments with the historic budget surplus to grow Minnesota’s tech ecosystem. MnTech has developed a robust set of policy priorities to aid policy makers in the state working to make Minnesota’s technology sector more nationally and internationally competitive, which includes recommendations on how to leverage investments in tech-related policies and initiatives. Of these, MnTech’s highest priority is on investments in education and workforce development initiatives which are essential to building a more diverse and competitive tech ecosystem in the state.

    • Education and Workforce Development
    • Broadband and Telecommunications
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Business Development
    • Intellectual Property

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