Jean Machart, WLiT, MHTA Jean Machart is the Vice President of Personalization Capabilities at UnitedHealth Group and was recently named Chair of MHTA’s Women Leading in Technology (WLiT) leadership committee. At the WLiT happy hour in August, Machart addressed a packed house of attendees and spoke on the importance of strengthening our community of female technology leaders, both in Minnesota and beyond.

Before the next WLiT event in October, we asked Jean a few questions about her past experiences in tech and her goals for the future.


Tell us about your early career.  What drew you to the tech field?
: I was drawn to technology as a way to solve problems and automate work when I was at American Express Financial Advisors, developing annual financial statements.  As I moved up into the Vice President role with Product responsibilities within Wealth Management, I shifted my thinking further into Technology as a lever for innovation and growth.  I began to enjoy the creativity of connecting the dots, defining what is possible and developing new consumer products now available through technology.

Reflecting on your career progression, what were some key factors that helped you to be successful?
: For me, it’s about people– Great bosses and teams who have provided me opportunities, feedback and shared results.

What initiatives/programs have been instrumental in getting more girls and young women into tech fields?  How can we move the needle even more?
: I’ve seen both coding camps and informal mentoring as two avenues for girls to be sparked by technology and see a career path.  In fact, my three daughters have all participated in coding camps, with one starting at University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall in Computer Science.  I know for her, the tipping point was to meet professionals in technology to understand what real jobs look like and to understand a fit for her.

What do you look forward to most as the WLiT chair?
: I am excited about working with the WLiT Board to provide an overall program that furthers women’s careers, through networking, technical expertise and business acumen.

Outside of work, what adventure is on your “must do” list?
: My next adventure, outside of international travel, is to learn how to sail.


Have a few questions of your own? You can ask them in person when you join us for the next WLiT event on October 22. Jean will be there as will our presenter, Pam Borton of Borton Partners. Borton will be speaking on how to master your mindset, to be the optimistic leader your people and team expect.

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