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The Minnesota Technology Association is partnering with area companies to provide unique Tech Experience Tours for students interested in learning more about technology and the business world.

MnTech is dedicated to building a deep, diverse pool of tech talent in Minnesota, and we believe that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Tech tours open pathways to success for students whether they choose to pursue postsecondary education or enter the workforce after high school. Research shows that the most effective encouragement for students to pursue a STEM career is the opportunity to meet and interact with a STEM professional.

MnTech Tech Tours provide high school students with the opportunity to have a first-hand encounter with a high-tech work environment. Companies of any size can participate, and a single company could host an event or partner with nearby companies to host joint events. Students will consist of one group or possibly multiple groups of 15-25 high school students, including many who are considered at-risk, low income, and/or underserved populations.

Companies could host one event or 2-3 throughout the week, with the events being 1.5-2 hours per group. Events could be held during the school day or afterschool (more groups tend to be available afterschool). Student groups would be responsible for transportation.

Events could include any or all of the following: interactive/hands-on activity, breakout groups, presentation, career panel + Q&A session, tour of the workspace, and more!

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Tech Experience Tour Resource Kit

Searching for Computer Science: Access and Barriers in US K-12 Education


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