Minnesota’s technology talent problem is well documented. News headlines, reports, and press releases have highlighted the fact that the demand for technology workers in fields such as software development is far outstripping the current supply.

In fact, Minnesota averages more than 7,000 job postings per month for Software Developers and Software QA and Testers while less than 1,000 people are hired per month on average for these roles.1

What’s more, these positions are primarily filled with white technologists. Just 2% of web developers and digital interface designers in Minnesota are Hispanic or Latino, 2% are Black or African American, and 8% are Asian.2

This mismatch in talent hinders organizations who need these workers and their technical skills to grow, innovate, and succeed. It also poses as a barrier to creating a more representative and inclusive tech ecosystem in Minnesota.

To help alleviate the issues of talent gaps and lack of racial and ethnic diversity, the Tech Inclusion Alliance (TIA), a program of MnTech, has launched MnTech Connect. This new site is an online resource to identify and amplify pathways to a technology career and allows individuals to search for learning opportunities, continuing education, and certification in the technology field.

Whether someone is in grade school or shifting careers, MnTech Connect can help link them with a program that will inspire a passion for technology and get them started toward a career in the technology field.

How It Works

MnTech Connect is a repository for educational programs from around Minnesota that educate, train, and inspire individuals for a career in a tech role. Organizations that run educational programs post their offerings to the site which get filtered based on age level: K-12, post-secondary, and skills training. Anyone looking for resources on programs can access the site, filter services based on their needs, and be pointed toward more information to get started.

Why MnTech Connect

MnTech Connect is a key resource in the toolbox of TIA as they work to reduce talent gaps, increase the number of BIPOC individuals in tech and STEM careers, and increase the number of students interested in technology careers. As more organizations begin accepting non-four-year degree credentials, resources such as MnTech Connect become increasingly important as a way for individuals to find inspiration, gain skills, and land roles as technologists. To learn more about TIA and how they are working to create a more inclusive tech ecosystem, visit the TIA website.

How to Help

If your organization runs educational programming or training, post it to the MnTech Connect board for others to find. If your organization is already represented, be sure to verify your program using our dashboard.


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