On Monday July 20th, TCF Bank welcomed many of its members and their children to an intern-lead virtual event. Together with Jon Genda, Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Integration at TCF, the interns, courtesy of Genesys Works, crafted and prepared an Introduction to Coding and Programming presentation designed to share coding techniques and resources and get their audience more excited about IT.

The event featured 6 presentations:

  • What is Programming with Jon Genda (includes a special performance from Adam, Jon’s son)
  • A Programming Video with Esmeralda
  • Different Coding Languages, a PowerPoint Presentation with Lorpu
  • A Calculator Coding Presentation with Wilson and Raymond
  • An EsRally Presentation with Victor
  • Random Wolf Name General Analysis with Bryan and Lani

The interns also had the chance to showcase what they learned about programming after a year in Jon Genda’s class.

“I enjoyed learning a bit about each section and putting the event together,” said Lani Vue, one of the intern presenters. “I learned that logic and thinking are the most important factors in starting programming.”

The interns that presented received several meaningful opportunities in the course of their experience. From the chance to be mentored by an industry leader, to becoming instructors themselves when they gave this presentation. It’s nearly impossible to teach others without learning something yourself along the way.

See the greater impact of what internships can do and check out MnTech’s SciTech Internship Program, or Genesys Works to learn more.