Ways to get involved in the High-Tech Action Alliance

1.  Provide data about workforce needs

One of the most important elements of addressing the STEM workforce needs in Minnesota is the need for up-to-date, accurate, detailed information about the needs of industry. Our workforce providers require information about the job positions employers are trying to fill, the most important skills required by your organization, and the kind of training that would be most desired in your industry or sector.

MHTA is frequently asked to provide:

  • information to educational and training institutions about industry need
  • participants for periodic surveys
  • candidates for advisory councils or boards

Contact Ray Hoover if you would be interested in participating in any or all of the activities as need.

2.  Support MHTA in STEM Education Legislative Policy

A major part of the work of MHTA is advocating for effective, best practices and policies in STEM education & workforce development.

Get involved by:

  • Letting us know where your organization stands on current educational initiatives and policies
  • Supporting the MHTA legislative agenda concerning education through
    1. Contacting your representatives
    2. Communicating the MHTA agenda to your associates and customers
  • Participating in the MHTA Government Policy Committee

Contact John Dukich to let us know how you and your organization want to support our advocacy efforts.

3.  Support and assist in recruiting volunteers from your company for STEM-interest programs

MHTA partners with and supports a number of education programs designed to encourage and inspire students to become more involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Get involved by:

  • Signing up as a STEM Ambassadors on getSTEM. Ambassadors are volunteers who might visit a classroom, volunteer at career fairs, and/or offer company tours
  • Participating in one-time volunteer opportunities like hackathons and coding days
  • Volunteering for on-going opportunities with organizations that provide hands-on activity programs for students. Check out this listing of organizations.

Contact Ray Hoover to learn more about getSTEM and the STEM Ambassadors or for information about connecting with local educational programs.

4.  Support STEM-experience programs

MHTA also supports programs that help prepare individuals to enter the STEM workforce, participate in internships, and help students learn about careers in the STEM industries sector.

Get involved by:

  • Using getSTEM to provide job shadowing, mentoring, and/or offering company tours
  • Participating in high school internship programs
  • Creating a summer program for teachers to learn more about the industry to share with their students
  • Providing entry-level opportunities of trained adult workers

Contact Ray Hoover to learn more about getSTEM or for information about connecting with local training programs.

5.  Explore on-shore workforce solutions

MHTA supports many high-quality programs that provide a variety of innovative on-shoring solutions for industry needs.

Contact Ray Hoover for more information about these MHTA-member organizations.