By: Piper Cleaveland | SciTech Program Director

Software for Good is an altruistic-minded tech company based in Minneapolis and dedicated to providing top-of-the-line software services to the people and organizations who need it most.

When companies, non-profits and government agencies need assistance with their tech, Software for Good is there, providing everything from web and app development to digital strategy and operations services. Their team takes on the technical needs so their clients can focus their time and energy on putting more good into the world.

As a MnTech Member, Software for Good is also a long-time partner with the SciTech Internship Program. When software interns are hired through SciTech, they’re often given their own projects, building websites and platforms for local non-profits.

In 2018, Software Engineering Interns Meghann Silagen and Jose Perales worked on an app development project for Community Building Tutors. The platform they designed could facilitate student volunteer enrollment in the program, showed users how to register for classes, tracked availability and the number of hours spent tutoring. Silagen and Perales even included a gamification element to the site, coding a tree graphic into the volunteer’s profiles that tracked their hours by growing more leaves.

In 2022, Software Engineering Major Chi Asangwe and Computer Science Major Brandi Morgan secured Software for Good internships through SciTech as well. Their client project involved developing a quiz application for STEM teams at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Asangwe created and populated the data base while Morgan learned and implemented Ruby on Rails to build out the backend and React to construct the frontend.

Guided by their core values of love, humanity, ecology, context, liberation and stewardship, Software for Good is always on the lookout for new partnerships that reflect their principles. Interested organizations are encouraged to connect via their website.