This week we’re showcasing long time MnTech member Clientek, a Minneapolis-based custom software solutions firm and consultancy. Clientek specializes in cloud technologies, integration, mobile apps, and much more with emphases in logistics & transportation and manufacturing & distribution.

Clientek’s uniquely transparent business methodology sets them apart from other firms in the software development industry; client work is scheduled in two-week increments referred to as “sprints.” Each sprint is comprised of a precise strategy with sharply defined goals/outcomes, and allows customers to follow along the journey firsthand to watch as their project comes to life. At the completion of each sprint, clients are given the option to decide on the next course of action, whether it be: begin the next sprint, pause or stop the project, change goals, go straight to production, etc.

This eccentric business approach gives Clientek customers the freedom to take charge of their project, touch, feel, and use software as it’s being built, and retain ownership of each step in the process without having to commit to long term contracts or timelines. Clientek’s main goal is to build long-lasting, sustainable relationships with their customers instead of focusing efforts on one-time projects. Their work strategy and sprint pricing model provide flexible options to customers, while the shared risk element of their engagement model exemplifies Clientek’s core commitments: clear communication, honesty, and dedication to the success of clients above all else.

Clientek’s “basement lounge” office – a comfortable space for the team to play games, listen to music, relax, have informal meetings, collaborate, and unwind!

The team is passionate about investing in their community and Clientek is a proud member of the “5% Club,” a group of organizations that contribute 5% of their earnings as well as pro bono work in the form of software/web development, management, and fundraising help to charities and non-profits. Clientek is a proud sponsor of the American Lung Association and the team will be taking part in the annual Fight for Air Climb at Allianz Field this summer!

To learn more about Clientek or connect with the team about a potential collaboration, please check out their website or contact Director of Business Development David Stevens at To read more thought leadership pieces from the team at Clientek, please visit their Knowledge Base.

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