Following the Sun with OTSI
In the spring of 1999, OTSI (Object Technology Solutions Inc.) was founded by Narasimha Gondi, an innovative entrepreneur with a vision of offering transformative, innovative, affordable, and reusable business solutions to customers at high speeds. Today, OTSI is a leading global tech company offering solutions and consulting services to 100+ small and large businesses in Healthcare & Life Sciences, Banking Financial Services Insurance, Engineering & Telecom, HiTech, Retail & Consumer Services, Travel Transport & Logistics, Energy & Utilities, Government and more. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, OTSI has 15 strategically placed offices in six different countries. Their software development teams are based in various worldwide locations and time zones, allowing teams to hand off project work at the end of their respective workdays to a new team across the globe who is just starting their morning. Under this “Follow the Sun” model, work is carried out 24/7 through coordinated task handoffs, resulting in fresher, more energetic teams who enjoy a positive and less stressful workplace culture and environment. As a result, customers can be served no matter the time of day at higher quality and faster resolution times.

Culture of Excellence
Customer value creation is the number one priority and goal at OTSI; what matters most to their customers is what matters most to the team at OTSI. The leadership team is devoted to fostering an environment of excellence and innovation with metrics-driven data, with the firm belief that numbers pave the way for efficient, quality solutions and interactions. Additionally, OTSI culture is built around the pillars of humility and prudence; company leaders encourage all team members to keep their “learning modes” on by pursuing additional certifications and programs where possible, and to stay engaged in customer success, innovation, collaboration, diversity, integrity, and social responsibility.

*Learn more about Narasimha Gondi and the rest of the OTSI leadership team here.

Safety through Abhayam
Most recently, OTSI built the web software and applications for Abhayam, India’s first IoT technology-based project to protect the public safety and security of women. The web application, created by OTSI, implements live tracking and security monitoring measures in public transportation services and rideshare vehicles. The technology can monitor harsh braking, reckless driving, speeding, and prolonged parking/idle periods. On the user’s end, passengers can download the Abhayam Passenger app to discreetly signal for help from the authorities. This initiative helps women and children feel safer while traveling, reduces crime and improves local communities, and allows for better monitoring of drivers’ registrations, licenses, and credentials. In addition to their work on Abhayam, OTSI prioritizes social good and giving back to the community by contributing to numerous associations and foundations such as the American Heart Association, MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault), the American Association of Blacks in Energy, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and more.

Looking Forward
Reflecting on the transformative technology practices that they’ve implemented and strengthened over the past year, OTSI is focusing on a series of collaborative, virtual, omnichannel, intelligent, digital, and cloud-enabled solutions going forward. With the firm belief that change is constant, even in a non-pandemic year, OTSI’s fundamental operating model is well-equipped to handle all forms of change and offers a clear path to adapt with agile, digital ecosystems that evolve with market needs. The company credits their resilient business model for their success in 2020 and ability to quickly shift gears during the pandemic.

As they look toward the post-COVID era, OTSI predicts that the adoption of data, AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain, and virtual collaboration technologies will become integral to key digital transformation initiatives for all tech-enabled companies. They’re mobilizing a robust approach to remote work, cyber security, efficient use of data systems, and establishment of modern digital transactions and process automations to propel their business forward in the coming months and years.

OTSI is currently looking for highly communicative, learning-oriented, flexible, and diverse talent to join their innovative team. Open positions include Technical Engineers, Technical Leaders, Sales Leaders, and Operations team members with varying levels of experience. Head over to the MnTech Job Board or check out OTSI’s Careers Portal to research open positions.

To learn more about OTSI and see how you can transform the digital efficiency of your business, visit their website or contact: 913.345.9080 ext:150