This year’s Tech Connect Conference yielded many influential outcomes. One of the most notable was the $1,000 donation that the team at Qlik raised for the Be the Match foundation.

As one of the event’s keynote Speakers, Qlik also had a virtual booth this year where attendees could connect remotely with reps and learn more about the services they provide. Typically, at in person events, businesses will decorate their tables with free candy and branded swag, to help draw people in from the surrounding traffic. In a virtual setting, however, most of those classic techniques go straight out the window.

This poses an interesting question: how do you encourage booth engagement at a virtual event? The team at Qlik came up with a clever, and charitable answer.

The more attendees that visited/ interacted with Qlik’s booth, the more the company would donate to Be the Match. By the time the event concluded, they’d acquired $1,000 worth of new visitor engagement for their company, all while giving back to those in need.

Philanthropy and business
“It was natural to support Be the Match,” said Andy Beranek, Director of Qlik’s Midwest Region, “they are a Qlik customer, and we are proud of the work they are doing to lead blood stem-cell transplants, save lives and ultimately give patients hope for their future […] The past year was hard for many in the community, and the need for charitable support has certainly increased. Plus, a family member of Qlik’s team was directly impacted by the fantastic work Be the Match does,” which led to their partnership.

Philanthropy is nothing new for Qlik. Over the past few years, Qlik and “Qlikkies” have donated more than 50,000 volunteer hours and $5 million in financial support to philanthropic causes.

“This generosity defines Team Qlik,” Beranek said proudly, “and demonstrates our passion of fueling public-private partnerships and empowering nonprofit organizations with our technology and expertise to positively change our world.”

Empowering data
When not supporting non-profits and the community, Qlik is busy assisting companies through their real-time data integration and analytics cloud platform. Able to leverage data from practically any source, Qlik essentially helps their clients make clear connections between data to uncover new insights.

“Given the complexity and speed of change most organizations face today, relying on even just yesterday’s data for decisions can lead to sub-optimal outcomes,” Beranek said. “We are very focused at Qlik on helping organizations on their journey to activating their data and taking a modern approach to analytics, which can enable everyone in their workforce to make decisions with the most relevant and up-to-date information possible.”

Connecting over data literacy
As a Pennsylvania- based company, Qlik is fairly new to the Midwest and are on the lookout for more ways to network, collaborate and give back. Now a MnTech member, the Tech Connect event served as a great introduction to Minnesota’s technology community and the needs of its companies, specifically where data literacy is concerned.

Qlik received so many questions after their Tech Connect session, Beranek said, that the team decided to host a free Data Literacy Workshop in September.

Any and all members of our tech community are encouraged to pre-register and vote for their preferred day/time here.