We are pleased to share that the Minnesota Technology Association (MnTech) has been awarded $285,000 by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) to lead technology sector initiatives as part of DEED’s $20 million Drive for Five workforce initiative. This effort is intended to prepare more Minnesotans for high-demand jobs in five occupational categories: technology, the trades, caring professions, manufacturing, and education.

MnTech will be working with employers of technology talent to identify the most in-demand and hard to fill job functions, the skills and competencies required to succeed in those roles, and then work with tech training providers to better align curriculum and skills training with employer needs. By leveraging labor market data and employer feedback, MnTech intends to create more efficient, impactful, and inclusive pathways into tech employment, particularly for those underrepresented in Minnesota’s tech workforce.

Additionally, MnTech intends to create programming and resources to help employers better onboard nontraditional talent coming from tech training academies and bootcamps. By addressing issues and challenges on both the supply and demand sides of the tech talent hiring equation, MnTech will positively impact how we inspire, hire, develop, and retain tech talent in Minnesota.

“The Minnesota Technology Association is committed to building a strong, innovative, and inclusive technology ecosystem in our state,” said Jeff Tollefson, MnTech’s President and CEO. “This funding is a great start in helping to ensure that Minnesota organizations have access to the tech talent they need, while providing opportunities for individuals to access high-paying and fulfilling tech careers.”

You can read more about the Drive for Five initiative and all grant recipients by visiting DEED’s website. To get engaged with MnTech and learn more about its talent initiatives, visit MnTech’s website.