Minnesota Technology Association CEO Jeff Tollefson recently spoke with Phillip Arellano of RealTime Talent related to Phil’s blog post on IT hiring trends in the Twin Cities and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite significant lay-offs and downsizing in many sectors of our economy, organizations continue to invest in talent to power their technology-enabled business models,” Tollefson said.

What tech role is most in demand? Software developers, with 7,608 job postings in the Twin Cities from the 3rd week of March through May 11th. These positions are not only in-demand, they’re also high-paying, offering a median salary of $132,600 annually.

“The world runs on software,” Tollefson said. “From the large enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that help manage business operations and automate many back-office functions to the apps and websites that allow people and businesses to connect, software is the enabler. This is why talented software developers that can help write code and support software-enabled digital transformations are in such high demand.”

Those interested in launching their tech careers should check out one of the many Minnesota organizations dedicated to meeting our state’s talent demand. Recommended programs include:

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