Matt Lewis runs the Make It. MSP program for the  width=Greater MSP Partnership and will speak on his team’s efforts to attract technologists and technology jobs to the region at TechTalent Feb. 28. Here’s a look at Matt’s take on the technology talent gap and why we can be optimistic about solving it:

What’s the best thing about working in technology in Minnesota?

We’ve asked this question of tech professionals throughout Minnesota, and the most common response tends to be the purpose-driven nature of our tech community and tech economy. People in Minnesota use technology to solve problems and improve people’s lives. It’s how we built global leaders in food, health, and much more.

What’s the hardest challenge facing our high-tech businesses?

They face all kinds of challenge, the increasing rate of change being one of them. But here in Minnesota, a major challenge for us is that our labor force is facing a perfect storm of demographic factors that will require businesses to do things differently to succeed.

What will we learn from you at TechTalent?

There is no silver bullet when it comes to talent and workforce, which is one of the reasons we will hear from so many different voices at the event. What they will learn from me is that we have the demonstrated ability to better attract and retain workers into our region and state by working together. It will require us to take some risks and learn together – and even get out of our own way sometimes, but we can make big improvements.

Which other speaker are you most excited to hear from?

I’m excited to hear from everyone, but particularly Mike McNamara. I heard him shortly after he joined us here in Minnesota. Now that he’s been in this market going on four years, I’m sure he has some new insights and additional perspective that will be important for us to consider.

What’s important to you when you’re not working?

Like many Minnesotans, I spend much of my time volunteering. I’m chairing the board of Conservation Minnesota this year, and I’m focused on how we protect and conserve our outdoor assets, like the parks we enjoy even during these snowy months. Ready access to the outdoors is one of the top factors people cite as a reason they love our state and continue to live here. We should be proud of how we’ve protected those assets. And as Minnesotans, I believe we should aspire to lead the country.




Thursday, February 28, 2019 7:30 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Hyatt Regency Bloomington


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