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Stories of Machine Learning: Showcasing ways to apply and deploy AI within your business


October 21, 2020
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Join our Advanced Technology community for a panel and participant discussion focused on stories of machine learning. Technology and data leaders from Unisys and Cargill will share their company’s latest machine learning initiatives and talk through tangible examples of how they’re using ML to drive business, improve productivity, and push innovation within their respective companies. This forum will move past surface discussion about machine learning, and get into specific stories about deploying this advanced technology.

Cargill will talk through the way it’s using machine learning to detect changes in bird flock activity that could anticipate changes in flock health before a human can recognize it, as well as talking briefly about how they use computer vision to assess the quality of soybeans after they’re harvested.

Unisys is presenting on their novel approach to information retrieval and facilitating semantic search and response over a large, domain-specific corpus of PDF- and WORD-encoded technical documentation – borrowing methods from both computational linguistics and cognitive modeling. Using data gathered from interviews with users of the previous search mechanism, they tailored the training data to reflect their actual usage.  This training data is then vectorized and fed as input to an SBERT neural network model that learns an embedding of related words and terms in the text, in this case, the relationship between a given set of words contained in a user’s query and the instructions from the technical documentation text most likely to assist in the user’s operations.

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