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MHTA President and CEO Jeff Tollefson

Q&A with Jeff Tollefson: Tech Connect Event Brings our Technology Community Together Online

On Sept. 23, MnTech will host Tech Connect, a half-day virtual conference showcasing ways technology is enabling Minnesota’s businesses. Jeff Tollefson,…

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Meteorologist Paul Douglas, Co-Founder AerisWeather

Q&A with Paul Douglas: Using AI and Weather Data to Improve Business Outcomes

On Sept. 23, MnTech will host Tech Connect, a half-day virtual conference showcasing ways technology is enabling Minnesota’s businesses. The event features…

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Leadhership1, Thomson Reuters, MnTech, Minnesota technology association

Fixing the Ladder with Thomson Reuters and Leadhership1

Almost a decade ago, leaders at Thomson Reuters identified that they had a problem: there were too few women in their technology practice and of the women that…

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An Introduction to Programming with TCF Bank

On Monday July 20th, TCF Bank welcomed many of its members and their children to an intern-lead virtual event. Together with Jon Genda, Assistant Vice…

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Fireside Chat: Target’s Approach to Hiring Untapped Talent

Target’s Sr. Engineering Manager Nidhi Sen and MnTech’s Director of Community Engagement Jade Denson recently sat down to discuss Target's innovative cohort…

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Webinar Recap: WLiT | A Conversation with Corie Barry, CEO, Best Buy

Revisit the first virtual event in the Women Leading in Technology series and join MnTech for a Conversation with Corie Barry, the CEO of Best Buy. During this…

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Bringing Diversity and Passion to Minnesota’s Tech Workforce

Lindsey Myrick spent the last three years of her career working for Genesys Works, a nonprofit organization that provides pathways to professional success for…

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Webinar Recap: Digital jobs and Safe Work Environments

As workplaces, retail spaces and restaurants reopen, managers are asking the question: Can technology help me keep my workers and customers safer? In…

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To Our MnTech Community

To say the last week has been difficult would be a gross understatement. The senseless killing of George Floyd by members of our Minneapolis police force has…

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Webinar Recap: AMA with Structural CEO Scott Burns

Structural CEO Scott Burns joins the ranks of Minnesota Tech Leaders who are sharing their voice and insight as part of our Ask Me Anything series. Taking…

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While Other Markets Decline, IT Talent Remains in High Demand

Minnesota Technology Association CEO Jeff Tollefson recently spoke with Phillip Arellano of RealTime Talent related to Phil’s blog post on IT hiring trends in…

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Member Feature: TCF and Kanban4Kiddos

TCF Bank is a household name, a MnTech member and active part of Minnesota’s technology community. Like many great companies of its size, there are external…

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Webinar Recap: Insights into Leadership and Teams Using the Discovery Model

Now more than ever, it's important to strengthen the interpersonal dynamics of your professional team. The best way to do that? By understanding how you…

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MHTA Rebrands as Minnesota Technology Association

MHTA Rebrands as Minnesota Technology Association; Reinforces Role in Driving Technology Talent, Community and Advocacy MINNEAPOLIS, April 29, 2020 — The…

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Ask Me Anything with Medtronic CISO Pat Joyce

Webinar: Ask Me Anything with Medtronic CISO Pat Joyce

We're so grateful for the incredible turnout at last Thursday's event! The webinar filled up more quickly than expected, so for everyone unable to listen in…

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Member Feature: Mia and the Unlocked Potential of Art Online

When you go to an art museum or gallery do you read the descriptions displayed with every piece? Have you ever taken an audio tour of the collection? How close…

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computer WFH

Working from home

Hey Minnesota tech community! So many of our members are operating remotely, so we want to know: What’s your go-to team chat platform while working remotely?…

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Member Feature: Humans and Technology with NCXT

Jonathan Banks is the Founder and CEO of NCXT. For the past two years, Banks and his Co-Founder Jeff Aguy have developed their unique, human-centric approach…

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